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Article: Increase Web Traffic

You can increase web traffic in a variety of ways, including adding more backlinks to your main sites on the Internet. Including anchor text in the resource and author bio boxes is one way. Research the keyword phrases that you are optimizing for, and then use those phrases by including them in the href tags. This is just one of the techniques I teach so you can have more targeted traffic to your sites.

Social media networking sites are also a way to increase web traffic, if you implement the principles of keyword strategy and placement in the comments and posts you make. This also works in forums, where targeted traffic is available in your specific niche. I encourage you to spend some time on these sites to find out what works best for you.

All of this is simply a matter of learning where to find free targeted traffic and then spending some time each day in activities that will increase web traffic to your blog and other websites. I have identified 37 different traffic techniques that will bring as many visitors as possible to your sites, and 34 of these are completely free.

Article marketing continues to be one of my favorite traffic generating techniques, even though it can be tedious and time consuming if you do not like to write each day. Learning how to drive massive traffic can become fun as you see the results of what you are doing.

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