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Getting traffic through article marketing has always made a lot of sense. You write articles on your topic, use your keyword phrases in the title and through out the article, and highly-qualified traffic will come your way. There is even another way I have discovered to get more traffic from your articles, and I made a short video showing you exactly how to get it. That video will fly though cyberspace and into your email inbox when you sign up for it below.

Write an article or two every week and you will be amazed at how much traffic you get. Over at Ezine Articles you can track how many clicks you get with each article you submit. My click through rate is around 7% right now, a number I constantly strive to improve.

Your articles should be three hundred to four hundred words in length for best results. Keep the writing simple and to the point, teaching the reader something about your topic. The idea is for them to want to know even more, so they will click on the link and go over to your blog, website, or optin page.

Article marketing is just one of the 37 targeted traffic techniques I have discovered. Thirty-four of these are completely free, only requiring your time in order to get more traffic to your sites.

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